Thursday, October 20, 2011


Ready for working out to take affect.

Ready to be carrying around 50 less pounds everyday.

Ready to feel and sleep better.

Ready for vacation.

Ready for this semester to be over.

Ready to have more nights at home than out in a week.

Ready to have my husband all to myself again.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dinner tonight

Was kinda a success, kinda not. I made baked chicken with gkuten free rice pilaf and green beans. The pilaf turned out better than i expected, but the chicken was waaay overseasoned and salty.

I'm kinda excited to try the chicken again. But far less seasoned. I think it was a good concept, but the execution was not very graceful.

I'm super-duper excited to try a couple new GF baking recipes. I found a GF cake doctor Recipe book and a few sneak peeks were even posted onine... Including a gf peanut butter cookie recipe made from yellow gf cake mix, and a strawberry cake recipe as well. They look amazing! I can't wait to try them!

Anyways, not much else to share. G'night!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm hungry

hello world!

I've recently discovered that I am most likely gluten intolerant or i have a gluten allergy. I won't get into the details for all of your lovely sakes, but basically, it is uncomfortable when i consume gluten. thanks to my super sweet roommate putting me onto it, and my amazing hubby standing beside me, I have undertaken a 2 week trial period of eating no gluten.

So far it has definitely been interesting, but I'm getting the hang of it, and loving the way i feel. Except for the being hungry part. The thing is, when you're filling up on lots of carbs (pasta, bread, etc.), you feel fuller, for longer. Especially when you eat slow release carbs, like whole grains.

Gluten free doesn't offer as much of that, or at least, not the GF items I'm finding in my pantry. I've enjoyed an excuse to eat a few more fats and proteins, but I'm still finding that I'm hungry most of the time.

So this is my journey. Sometimes you will get nothing out of me except for a big old rant about how I want a bagel and cream cheese, or a big bowl of pasta, or pitas with hummus (dang it, now I'm hungry), but it will be real. My real journey, with what I really eat, and how I really feel. and just maybe somebody else out there might have the courage to try eating GF as well, cause if I'm honest.... even though I'm hungry. I haven't felt this good, for this long, since I was 15.